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Ibiza, Spain: Europe's Las Vegas

First, Learn How to Pronounce Ibiza Correctly

Before we go any further, save yourself embarrassment and learn how to pronounce Ibiza (eye-bee-tha) correctly. Here's a quick lesson from Batman (1:58 mark).

Ice Cannon, Amnesia Night Club

Is Ibiza a HugeParty? Yes!

Welcome to a hedonistic-paradise found in the Spanish Balearic Islands. Ibiza is the Las Vegas of Europe (without the gambling). It is the truest destination for someone in search of excess, lively beaches, loud music and crazy partying.  

In July 2013, I traveled to Ibiza with a group of friends, I left dehydrated and broke... yet yearning to return as soon as possible.

Where to Stay?

Stay on/near Playa d'en Bossa. Five of us shared a condo attached to the Delano Beach Club. IF you sleep, you awake to progressive house music pouring out of Delano; the party starts at about 10am. Without a doubt...near the action on the very lively beach is the best place to stay in Ibiza. Note: People do not travel to Ibiza for relaxation.
Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza
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What Should I Expect?

  • The Beach - Expect to see plenty of napping, drinking and half-nude sunbathing. Expect to hear progressive house music, all day. Bring a towel because the sand is hot! BYOB because the beach club drinks are expensive (12-14 Euro).  
  • Dinner - Reservations are typically made for midnight. As an American, I'm ready to eat dinner at 6pm. In Ibiza, 6pm is more like lunch. Grab a quick bite, some pregame drinks and get ready for a very late night out. We ate at the first club, Pacha; it was quite tasty, loud and expensive... 90 Euro minimum per person at dinner guaranteed free entry to the club.
  • House Music - Rarely will you hear Top 40 Radio hits. Ibiza is a Mecca for Clubbers. Expect loud, bass-thumping music until the early morning. We saw Avicii on a Tuesday, and Afrojack on a Wednesday. Old or young, the majority of people are in Ibiza for the Rave.
  • Mega Clubs - Ushuaia, Space, Amnesia... All of these clubs boast capacity limits of more than 3,000 people. Pacha is a smaller, legendary club as well. Each summer they have a set list of performers, and each club is famous for specific nights. Stay for the loud music, people watching, ice cannons and foam parties. These Mega Clubs are truly a spectacle to experience.
  • Cost - At nearly every club a round of drinks for 4 people was around 65 Euro. Avoid bankruptcy by purchasing some beverages for your hotel room before your big nights out. Entrance into the Mega Clubs is 40-70 Euro, depending on the night and DJ performing, a Vodka/Redbull was 20 Euro. Upon traveling to Ibiza you are making a conscious decision to spend lots of money.... so start saving now.
  • Avoid!!! - Drugs, "Taxis" and Hamburguesas. Drug dealers reside on most corners at night, offering "pills, white and green", this is NOT my scene, I recommend you politely decline to avoid conflict. Unmarked Taxis will charge you unreal rates, and cause you to question your safety. The burgers are weird, I don't know if Spanish Cattle is different, or my desensitized American taste buds, but I thought the cheeseburgers were gross.

The People

Ibiza has been Europe's little secret for many years, and it was mostly Europeans when we visited. You will find all walks of life when you travel to the island. A wide range of ages, lifestyles and party habits.
Spaniards at Avicii Show, HugeParty
 In a way, the intoxicating beats of the house music creates an atmosphere of fun and friendliness.

By far, the UK Holiday Traveler is most prevalent, but we met people from a variety of countries. You'll run into a few Americans along the way, but they are few and far between. 

The locals are very friendly and helpful, although their English can be minimal (especially taxis).

Hidden Day Club
We spent our Monday afternoon at a secluded day club/restaurant called Blue Marlin. The main mode of transportation is by yacht, but we took taxis. Drinks were expensive, the clientele was beautiful and if only for the afternoon, we felt important. Highly recommend finding this off-the-beaten path treasure, just be prepared to spend 150-200 Euro each. Worth every cent.
Blue Marlin, Ibiza

Travel Quote?

"Ibiza will be Earth's final refuge" -Nostradamus

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