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Prague: Crazy Nights in Old Europe.

Is Prague a HugeParty? Obrovskou (Czech for Huge).

Within the country formerly known as Czechoslovakia you will find this HugeParty gem. Simply put, Prague is awesome and very inviting.
City Overview, iPhones take great pictures!

4am, Prague
Clubs, pubs and restaurants blanket a beautiful and charming city; which remained mostly untouched by the destruction of the Second World War. The city boasts a wide array of sights to see as well.

Where to Stay?

My first ever Hostel experience was in Prague. I stayed at the MadHouse, and it certainly lives up to its name. More on that shortly. 

For sure, you should be staying in the area known as Praha 1, the most central and vibrant area. 

MadHouse Prague

As mentioned above, we stayed at MadHouse Prague. This hostel is legendary! HugeParty Certified. I was hesitant to stay in a hostel environment, and this place changed my beliefs.

MadHouse does it right. They throw a party or event every night, and encourage socializing, partying and general traveler friendliness. 

Their staff, a collective of past travelers, are fun, knowledgeable and ready to party. Very cool, especially for the solo traveler.

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What to Expect?

  • Photo Opportunity - Prague has some epic scenery and historic sights, such as the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and Old Town Square. Prague also features some weird/cool art, like sculptures of babies with smashed faces, peeing statues and John Lennon Wall. Find these spots for a great laugh and photo opportunities.
  • Jump Off Point - In researching Europe, we found Prague to be extremely affordable to fly into. Its proximity to other major European cities makes it a great jump-off point to other cities via rail or short flights.
  • Favorite Bars - Here's a quick-fire recap of my favorite bars. Chapeau Rouge (Lively, underground rave), Radost FX (Upscale, Top 40 music), Dejavu Music Club (Plenty of EDM & dancing), and Red Room (Live music, quality drinks).
  • Cost - Majorly affordable, in all facets (Flight, beer, food, lodging, etc.). Of all the cities I've been to in Europe, Prague was the best value. Quick note: Prague has their own currency, Czech Crown (czk), familiarize yourself with the conversion rate so you don't overpay.
  • Avoid!!! - Smoking Areas and Tourist Traps. Apparently Prague is waiting on conclusive evidence that smoking causes cancer, because everyone still smokes, so get used to it or ask to be seated in a non-smoking area. When playing tourist, avoid the Charles Bridge, and the main attractions at high points of the day. The crowds are thick, prices are high and safety is more of an issue. 
    Excited to be here.


    Whether it be locals, expats, or other tourists... The people of Prague were delightful to mix it up with. Some bars were clearly "Locals only", and you may feel a bit out of place. Show up with a friendly demeanor, it will get you far. English will get you by, Czech is a tough language to learn.

    Drunken Monkey Bar Crawl

    Yes, it may seem cheesy to go on a paid bar crawl, but it's well worth the money. Buy a ticket to the Drunken Monkey Bar Crawl and you get plenty of free drinks, a solid social climate, variety of bars/music, and a lengthy tour around Prague. It may not be for the older crowd (as a 30 year old, I was definitely at the peak of the age bracket). 
    New Friends, John Lennon Wall, Prague
    Words can't explain.

    Travel Quote?

    "Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown, and doing shots with complete strangers." –Gaby Basora

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    1. I adore Prague. Definitely one of my favourite cities. I haven't been for a long while and am desperate to get back to see how it has changed. I do fear that it has grown in popularity now and will be too busy for my liking.

      Little tip, for photo opportunities head to the Charles Bridge at around 5:30-6am in the morning to get a great picture when it is empty.


    HugeParty Travel is all about the Fun, Culture and Craziness found throughout the world. Cheers!