Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Pro's Corner: Bäska Droppar

The Pro's Corner

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Volume One: Bäska Droppar

Bäska Droppar, Huge
Taking shots with friends (new and old) during your travel experiences can be a fantastic way to forge friendships, learn local traditions... and ultimately get wasted. In my travels to Stockholm... I ran into the buzzsaw that is wormwood.

Sweden features a wormwood schnaaps called Bäska Droppar. This stuff is the devil, and a "must-have" when in Stockholm. HugeParty.

Have you ever heard of Jeppson's Malört from Chicago? No? Well Bäska Droppar is basically the same, but an original Swedish offering. Both are part of the wormwood family (in fact, Malört is the Swedish word for wormwood).

I strongly advocate "doing anything once," and once is about all you should do when drinking Bäska Droppar.
There is a recent trend in Chicago that focuses on the beauty and enjoyment of Malört. I am not part of this movement. This stuff is gross, but worth a celebratory cheers on a big night out.

For more information on Jeppson's Malört, click hereFor Bäska Droppar, click here.

If you do decide to get sleazy with wormwood... good luck, godspeed, and don't forget to say "cheers" in Swedish.... Skål!
Jeppson's Malört from Chicago

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