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Lake Havasu: Arizona's Playground

Is Lake Havasu a HugeParty? Havasu is Crazy.

Journey to the spot on the map where California and Arizona meet and you'll find a water-themed HugeParty of epic proportions. The Southwest's little secret has risen in popularity, opening the door for everyone to get sleazy.

I have visited Lake Havasu twice. It takes proper planning and funding to execute a HugeParty trip to this desert treasure, details below.
Sandbar, Lake Havasu, 4th of July

Where to Stay?

Lake Havasu City, Arizona is a small town. A mixture of hotels, resorts and rentals canvass the area. Stay near the water, or find a rental on VRBO. The two times I've stayed we had large groups, and it was much more affordable to rent a house. Plus, with a house, we were able to throw parties and invite new friends.

Boating HugeParty (YouTube Videos Partially NSFW)

With over 750,000 visitors a year, recreational boating is the big sell for Havasu. There is plenty of room to fish/wakeboard/ski/tube, but even more room to party. The majority of boaters congregate in various areas, depending on the crowd/season. Below is a video montage of the HugeParty:

  1. Tie-up next to another boat in Copper Canyon
  2. Set your anchor and walk out to the Sandbar
  3. Moor your boat in the Bridgewater Channel
Havasu is a wild ride, certainly not for the inexperienced partier.

Note: If you are male, you need a boat. Plain and simple. Parties on Bridgewater are accessible from foot, but are much tamer. The real action is at Copper or Sandbar. Renting or owning a boat is a necessity in Havasu, more on that below. Female groups can attempt to make friends with boaters, but if you're unsuccessful, you're stranded.

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What to Expect?

  • Big Weekends - During the Summer months, every weekend is supposedly packed, but 3 weekends stand out the most.  Head to Havasu on the weekends of Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day to reach the highest level of HugeParty. It will be more expensive, but worth it.
  • Road Trip - The easiest way to reach Havasu is to fly into Las Vegas and drive 155 miles south. This is a nice problem to have. Spend a half-day in Vegas, and then make your way through the desert. Phoenix is a bit farther away, but may be cheaper with flight costs.
  • PHX, Vegas & LA People - Since Havasu is fairly inaccessible, the majority of partiers are from Phoenix, Vegas and LA. These people party to the edge of death. Unfortunately, the scene can get a little crazy, trashy and downright dangerous. Be on the lookout for steroid-ridden Bros, and plastic-surgery enhanced Ladies.
  • Heat! - Havasu is HOT! If you're traveling at peak months (July-Aug) expect 110+ degree heat most days. It was 116 on the 4th of July when we went.
  • Cost - As I mentioned above, it takes proper planning to execute Havasu, the majority of your costs will come before your trip. Once in Havasu, the town is affordable and costs are low.
  • Avoid!!! - OUI, Sunburn/Dehydration and Fights. Operating Under the Influence is a serious offense in Havasu, and the authorities will catch you if you've had too much to drink and try to drive a boat. With the intense heat comes sunburn and dehydration... keep plenty of sunscreen and water on-board. Fights break out quite often with the presence of alcohol, heat and Bros... stay peaceful.

Megaclub & Dives

Kokomo is the legendary nightclub in Havasu.  Everyone will be going there after the long days on the water. Expect a perfect mixture of sleazy, sexy and shots. Wear your swimsuit and jump in their pool while you're at it. 

Get away from the crowded nightlife and make your way to BJ's Cabana Bar for a fantastic Dive Bar & Karaoke alternative. Mingling with the locals can be a fantastic/weird experience.
Kokomo, Lake Havasu, HugeParty

A Few Words of Wisdom

Party planning for Lake Havasu is not an easy task. Boat, house, car rental, travel times, etc. Assign your best planner to this trip, logistics can be a nightmare. 

Stay Hydrated, in Between Drinks.
Finally, acquire yourself a sober Captain. Ask the boat company to find someone to Captain your boat, usually costs $15-$20/Hour. Well worth it. 

Travel Quote?

"Let there be work, bread, water and HugeParties for all." -Nelson Mandela

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