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The Pro's Corner: Obligatory Pre-Travel Post

The Pro's Corner

The Pro's Corner is a series of blog posts dedicated to conducting yourself in a manner that would classify you as a "HugeParty". Years of research has been conducted in this field, bringing cutting-edge information to your party palette. This time around, I dive into the planning of a HugeParty.

Volume Three: "How I Plan to Enjoy My Summer Eurotrip"

I've read many travel blogging "obligatory posts". If you comb through various travel blogs, you'll notice some trends. Plenty of lists, inspirational pictures and meal descriptions (pictures included).

But my favorite "obligatory post" is when a traveler dedicates a post to showing the world their next plan... including itinerary, packing list, day-to-day coping strategy and level of excitement!

This is my version of that post, enjoy.

Also, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any specific bars/restaurants/events we should visit. Thanks!


Follow the HugeParty Eurotrip, as I meander through 4 cities in 10 Days.... Specifically:

  1. London for The Royal Ascot (June 20 - 21)
  2. Copenhagen for Sankt Hans Aften (June 22 - 24)
  3. Rome for Sight-Seeing and Tourism (June 25 - 26)
  4. Barcelona for the long Beach Weekend (June 27 - 30) 
Transport: For my 10-Day excursion, I'm taking the most time-efficient mode of transport, Airplane. Three different flights within Europe plus the trans-Atlantic flight. Luckily, my company is sending me to London for work, so the round trip trans-Atlantic flight is free!!

Trip Mates: A good friend will be joining me from the states for the entire trip, and two others will be joining for various parts of the journey.

Packing List!

You shouldn't be too hard-pressed to find a good list for your packing needs. A simple Google search will give you plenty of options here, here here. Someone even has a sense of humor about it here....

Generally, I carry a backpack and small suitcase (which, in Europe, is too big and becomes checked luggage). In these two storage containers, I'll pack:


  • Socks, Underwear and T-shirts: 7 of each, assuming I'll wash each once.
    • Travel Tip: "Dry-Fit" T-shirts are lighter, wrinkle less and pack easier
  • Jeans: 2 Pair, because people in Europe still smoke in bars and clothes get smelly
  • Work Clothes: Unfortunately, I have to dress smartly for the 3 days prior to the trip. 
  • Footwear: 4 Pair. 1 moderately dressy, 1 "Everyday", 1 "Slip on" and 1 Flip-Flop
  • Other Clothes: 2 Workout shorts (double as sleepingwear), 3 white undershirts
  • Swimsuit: I love the beach
  • Accessories: Sunglasses & Belt
  • I'll Buy it if I need it: Rain Jacket, Sweatshirt, any other clothing I forgot
Everything Else
  • Electronics: Work laptop, phone charger, 2 plug converters, water-proof camera & charger
  • Personal Care: Packing all the basics.
    • Travel Tips: Less is better, use hotel amenities, buy when you arrive/discard when you leave.
  • First Aid: Allergy medicine, hangover cure (Advil)
    • Fun Fact: Pharmaceutical care is quite awesome in Europe, making it very easy to get diagnosed and prescribed something quickly if you're sick.
  • Misc Items: Passport. Extra credit card, extra ID, extra Insurance Card, all in a separate wallet. Travel lock. Zip-lock bags for separating smelly items.
  • Travel Tip: I travel as light as possible (duh) and I also try to save enough room in my bag for souvenirs.
  • Travel Tip: The gym has a great scale, usually used for pre-workout motivation. I roll my bag into the gym the day prior to the trip to make sure I'm under 20kg.

Day-To-Day Coping Strategy

I've covered a basic plan for a Eurotrip already here. My most important advice about a 10-day long trip for people who like to party is find a midpoint to rest your body.

We selected Rome for this reason specifically. It is a great place to see some historical sites, visit small shops and play tourist. After a long weekend in London and Copenhagen, we'll need the break. With beaches in Barcelona as the final bookend, we'll need to rest my body before that as well.

Level of Excitement

Very High. We purposely designed this trip to include major HugeParty local events. The Royal Ascot and Sankt Hans Aften? HugeParty.

Did I mention the World Cup is going to be going on during this Eurotrip? We will be in London when England plays, Rome when Italy plays, and Barcelona when Spain plays (assuming they make it out of group play). Whoa.

Travel Quote?

Peter: "Brian, Brian let me handle this. Ah Shcuzha, Babada bubi"
Brian: "Peter what are you doing?"
Peter: "Speaking Italian. Babada Bupi. Bebadabuba  da baba baba."
Brian: "You can't speak Italian just because you have a mustache."
Peter: "Buba da baba. Bebe da beba beaba baba."

~Family Guy

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