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Copenhagen: Expensively Awesome

Is Copenhagen HugeParty? Yes, if you can afford it.

The rumors are true, Scandinavia is expensive. If you can afford a trip to Copenhagen... it is worth the dent in your bank account.

As part of my Summer 2014 Eurotrip I spent a couple days in Copenhagen. A beautiful, trendy, late-night HugeParty is what I found. Our main reason to visit Copenhagen was "Sankt Hans Aften", the celebration of St. John which coincides with Mid-Summer. It wasn't all it was billed to be. Although, as you read more, we found a HugeParty elsewhere.

Copenhagen, Beautiful

Nyhavn District

Where to Stay?

We stayed at The Danhostel Copenhagen City, which has its ups and downs. On the bright side, you are in perhaps the cleanest and largest hostel ever. This place feels much more like a hotel. Location is decent, less than a twenty minute walk to multiple neighborhoods. 

Looking for a HugeParty hostel? This is not for you. Looking to meet new people? Look elsewhere. Ages 1-80+ were staying at the hostel during our stay, and everyone kept to themselves. It certainly lacked the camaraderie I've experienced in other hostels who focus on the 20-30 demographic. Solo travelers beware.


Sankt Hans Aften.... a bit disappointing.

Although we had an awesome time in Copenhagen, Sankt Hans was a bit of a disappointment. In short, it was a family/cultural event.

Preparing the bonfire to burn the witch

Without getting into detail (you can read detail here), St. John's Eve celebrates the Summer Solstice and is celebrated by burning a witch to ward off evil spirits... or something like that.
Burn that Witch! (fireworks are lit to emulate the screams of a witch)

A couple thousand people joined together at Nyhavn (and other areas), sang songs and listened to live music. There is certainly potential for this event, although the combination of cold weather and the event falling on a Monday may have weakened the overall experience. 

Nyhavn Crowd, 10pm, Sankt Hans Aften

Luckily, Copenhagen is open very late, and we meandered our way to multiple bars around the great city.

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What to Expect?

  • Friendly and English Speaking - What's great about Scandinavia is their firm understanding of the English language. Copenhagen is much the same, although I felt it to be a bit edgier than Stockholm.
  • Swim, if the weather is right! - Unfortunately the weather was abnormally colder for June, and we weren't able to work on our tans. Copenhagen has a great offering of Public swimming areas, we missed out on this. Sad.
  • Favorite Bars - LA Tequila Bar was a raucous affair (but too much cigarette smoke), Rum Club has an amazing patio and rum selection, Freud's was a legit club. Everything is open verrry late, so pace yourselves.
  • Cost - This is the most expensive city I've been to yet (and I've visited London, Stockholm and Ibiza). Not to mention, the change fees and usage of DKK. Did I mention the $25 Cheeseburger?
  • Avoid!!! - Smoking Bars and Nyhavn for Drinks. I've mentioned my hatred for smoking in bars before, unfortunately some bars in Copenhagen are terribly vented. This is a major pain with only a few articles of clothing packed for the trip. Nyhavn area is pretty, but not to be a place for many drinks and dinner... $40usd for a round of 3 beers!

    The Only Deal in Copenhagen. 10 Tequila Shots for $20usd!


    As mentioned above, very friendly and well spoken with English language. I also found it to be widely international and accepting of cultures and lifestyles. Kudos to the Danes.

    The Apropos Burger, 125kr.... $25usd.

    Avoid "The First Place we See" Mentality

    We fell victim to not shopping around enough, meaning we chose the first restaurant or bar we saw too often. Copenhagen is a city of small streets, and I soon learned that there was always something going on just around the corner. After some long travel days, and even longer drinking nights, we settled early on restaurants and bars to try out. It was a good lesson to learn though, and we decided to shop around much more when we got to Rome and Barcelona.
    The Aforementioned $40usd Round of 3 Beers.

    $12 Coronas at the Airport

    Travel Quote?

    "Beer is the Danish national drink, and the Danish national weakness is another beer." - Clementine Paddleford

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