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HugeParty Where? Fayetteville, Arkansas

HugeParty Where? Fayetteville, Arkansas

While I tend to focus on bigger trips to awesome cities, "HugeParty Where?" is a series of blog posts dedicated to some of America's lesser-traveled mid-sized cities. 

Each city in this series doesn't have the same reputation as LA, Miami, Chicago or Las Vegas... however... I've done some on-site research to confirm there is a HugeParty to be found.

Fayetteville, University of Arkansas Football Tailgate

Fayetteville, Arkansas...Seriously?

If I hadn't partied with my own liver in Fayetteville more than a handful of times I wouldn't believe that Arkansas had a "HugeParty" destination either. But... I'm happy to report it is true.

In Northwest Arkansas (NWA), Fayetteville challenges your preconceived negative stereotypes with the perfect party storm: large university population (U. of Arkansas) and transplanted young corporate workforce (due to Walmart's Corporate HQ residing in Bentonville).

6 HugeParty Reasons why Fayetteville is a Must-Go

  1. The University of Arkansas - Boasting an attendance of 25,000+ students, a strong greek system, and of course... beautiful southern women... Arkansas is often ranked high on the "party school" lists.
  2. Transplanted Corporate Workforce - With Walmart's Headquarters located in Bentonville (the neighboring, less fun city), companies like Procter & Gamble transplant parts of their workforce to provide local support for the Walmart account. In other words... smart, young, hard-working people are sent to live in faraway, remote town, joining loads of other like-minded individuals whom have left their own nest to take similar roles for similar companies. The "young, fun, with money to spend" population of Fayetteville is much larger than the average town. 
  3. Dickson Street - Every college town has a street with a row of college bars. Fayetteville is no different. Cheap drinks, loud music and single people everywhere can be found on Dickson Street. My personal favorites? 21st Amendment, Farrell's for a true sports bar, and Stir for the dance party.... here's an entire breakdown (possibly outdated, whatever).
  4. Waffle House - WaHo. As far as I'm concerned, this late-night diner has cornered the "Breakfast Anytime" market. A new addition to Dickson Street, Waffle House fosters the appropriate balance of drunk food and people watching. Cowabunga.
  5. SEC Football - With little debate, football in the Southeastern Conference is by far the most prestigious in the NCAA ranks. The opportunity to see major powerhouse teams (Alabama, LSU, Florida) is available on a yearly basis. More on that below.
  6. BBQ Place - While it is a chain restaurant, The Whole Hog Cafe is absolutely amazing! A must stop in Fayetteville. I recommend the #3 Sauce on a pulled pork plate. Here's a list of some other places for BBQ to check out too!

Sophisticated Tailgate. Cautiously drinking from a plastic baseball bat.

Football & Tailgating

Without a doubt, the main attraction to visit Fayetteville is for an SEC Football game at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Carved into the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, with seating for 72,000 fans, a day at Razorback Stadium will challenge the best tailgates across the country.

Why? Simple. With no presence of a professional sports team, Arkansas Football is the "Top Dog Hog" when it comes to fan viewership. Combine the state-loyal fan/alumni with the traditional college student and you've got an extremely passionate and drunk fan base. HugeParty.

Go Hogs!

Arkansas Person Quote

"If you live long enough, you'll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you'll be a better person. It's how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit." - Bill Clinton

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  1. Having gone to school at the University of Tennessee and visiting family in Arkansas many times, I am not surprised about Fayetteville. I have visited Little Rock a couple of times and it is surprisingly cool. Never been to Fayetteville, but perhaps I can see a UT/Arkansas football game sometime.

  2. This looks like quite an experience. Would love to visit though not so sure about drinking from the bat!


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