Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Not Sober Sunsets: Cinque Terre, Italy

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Not Sober Sunsets doesn't always mean HugeParty. Sometimes, it means enjoying the finer things in life. And by finer things, I mean tasty wine in Italy. Neelam, who has been featured on the blog as a Guest Writer before, spent some time along the water in Cinque Terre, Italy.

He writes:

These pictures were over two separate nights in Cinque Terre; one on the hike back from Cornaglia to Vernazza and the other after a day in Monterosso bummin' on the beach. Drank wine, ate well and relaxed for a few days before heading off to join you for a HugeParty in Prague.

Beautiful place on the Mediterranean in Vernazza, where the wine flowed like water; definitely was not a sober sunset...but one of the more beautiful ones I remember from my travels. #WineParty

An Excellent Addition to "Not Sober Sunsets"

Award Winning Shot

Sampling the Local Fare

Wine and Sunset

Full view of Cinque Terre

Travel Quote?

"In vino veritas." (In wine there's truth)

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  1. I hope that you and your liver make long, long happy travel partners! Fun seeing what you're up to.

  2. Wine + sunsets = the perfect combination! :D

  3. I would be quite happy watching a sunset with that view.
    And even happier with wine in my hand ;)

  4. Perfect location to enjoy a glass of white!

  5. I'm Italian but when I visited 5 Terre I was too young to appreciate it. I hope I get to go back some day :)

  6. Oh my god, Cinque Terre is so gorgeous! I just want to spend my time on a balcony, drinking wine forever so I don't blame you!


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