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Happy First Birthday: Blogging First Year in Review

In January 2014 HugeParty Travel was Born

Since most bloggers do a "year in review" around this time, I thought it was befitting to join the bandwagon and provide a glimpse of my first year as a travel blogger.

2014 was filled with plenty of great trips, strong drinks, legendary parties, cool people, sandy beaches and great stories... Read below as I quickly trek through a couple highlights, stats, lessons learned and plans for 2015.

Cheers to 2014! Thank you for being a part of this HugeParty!

HugeParty Highlights

  1. Eurotrip! - London, Copenhagen, Rome/Vatican City, Barcelona. 10 days. It was a fast trip, filled with HugeParties, new friends, beaches, food and plenty of drinks.
  2. Austin and New Orleans - Two major state-side trips happened in 2014, both were massive group HugeParties, both were amazing! Austin post coming soon.
Read more after the jump!!! Stats

It's been a great year, with plenty of highlights as a blogger. Thanks to Google Analytics and Facebook I've been able to track my progress as a blogger. As a numbers nerd, I like this. Feel free to skip if you don't like nerd stuff like this.
  1. Pageviews - 16,000+ pageviews in 2014!
  2. Viral Posts - Two posts went viral in 2014, both of which were lists for restaurants and bars in Chicago. In the matter of hours, thanks to Facebook "sharing" by friends, these posts saw thousands of pageviews. Very cool! I'm working on more Chicago tips for 2015.
  3. Twitter Followers - I started with Zero followers last January. I just hit 1,500 this week!
  4. Made a Top Ten List!!! - I did a travel blogger interview with Travel Blogger Interviews last year. I was ranked #10 out of all of the interviews in 2014 for viewership! It's a small accomplishment, but very cool in my opinion.

Lessons Learned

  1. Building a Following Takes Time - I was told by my "Blogger Mentor" early on that building a following takes time. I'd also add that it takes dedication, and you need to build real relationships with people in order to get them to be a sticky follower (as opposed to someone who looks at your site once and never returns). Now that I've got a year of building the blog under my belt, I look forward to strengthening some of the relationships I've already made in 2015.
  2. My Writing Evolves - I love looking back at the original posts I wrote and compare them to the new ones I'm writing. The difference is shocking. It's been great learning how to be succinct, snappy, entertaining and relevant all at the same time as a writer. Hopefully I continue to hone in on this craft in 2015!
  3. Guest Writers, Possibly Expanding? - Since I'm not an expert on every HugeParty in the world I decided to expand the blog and invite guest writers to contribute. The first post, on Vietnam, saw great readership, and helped expand the HugeParty Travel Brand. Same with the most recent post on Las Vegas. I'm looking to collaborate with other HugePartiers in 2015! Let me know if you'd like to contribute.

What's on tap for HugeParty Travel in 2015????

  1. HugeParties - Trips to London, Porto/Lisbon, New Orleans, Dallas, Austin, San Diego, Singapore, Hong Kong, and likely more!!!
  2. More on Chicago - Certainly plan to explore more of my hometown and document accordingly.
  3. Travel Partnerships - One of my goals for 2015 for the blog is to increase my travel partnerships. That could mean press trips, guest posts, connecting with companies, or just getting my posts more recognition. That will be my main focus of 2015.
  4. Site Makeover??? - I realize my website is very basic. Unfortunately I don't have the capability or funds to revamp it and make it more user-friendly at this point. Perhaps in 2015 I'll find a friend (or starving college student) to help me reorganize my site and make it awesome! If you know someone who can help me make my website better let me know!

Cheers and Thank You!

Cheers to an amazing 2014 and first year of travel blogging! Thank you to all of you who read a post, shared with friends and HugePartied with me along the way!

Travel Quote?

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people, you might better stay home.” - James Michener

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  1. Wow! A very impressive first year I must say :-) 0 to 1500 on twitter sounds great, thats what i am aiming for by time i reach my 1st year in april! All your travels destinations for 2014 were great, I loved Rome and Barcelona. All The best for travel and blogging for 2015 :-)

  2. Happy anniversary and congrats on the growth and successes of your first year!


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