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The Pro's Corner: Obligatory Pre-Travel Post #2

The Pro's Corner

The Pro's Corner is a series of blog posts dedicated to conducting yourself in a manner that would classify you as a "HugeParty". Years of research has been conducted in this field, bringing cutting-edge information to your party palette. This time around, I dive into the pre-planning of a HugeParty Trip abroad.

Volume Five: Pre-Travel for Eurofrica 2015

I've already written pretty extensively about Eurotrips here and here. Hell, I've also already done a Pre-Travel Post. With all that has been written, you're still getting another Pre-Travel Post. 

Why? Simple. Some of you like to know where the next HugeParty is, and others can give me great advice for my travels.

Enjoy the latest and greatest HugeParty Plan to Europe and Africa.. aka "Eurofrica 2015"!


Follow HugeParty Eurofrica, as we meander through 5 cities in 13 Days... Specifically:

  1. London (June 1 - 5)
  2. Porto (June 6 - 7)
  3. Lisbon (June 8 - 9)
  4. Marrakech (June 10 - 11) 
  5. Paris (June 12 - 13)

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Transport: Airplane. Flying fast and furiously through four countries. With only 13 days it is essential that we travel quick. Although... we may be renting a car and driving the coastline of Portugal from Porto to Lisbon. So that could be a fun side-trip.

Trip Mates: Three good friends will be joining me from the states for Portugal and Morocco! I've traveled with all three before (including the four of us as part of the Austin trip), and I'm excited to travel with them again since they all have a penchant for world exploration!

With four people involved this time around, I'm confident that there will be a sidekick for everything. I firmly believe that the more people involved, the less likely you are going to get on each other's nerves, and more likely to enjoy a variety of fun and adventures.

Some of the HugeParty Eurofrica Crew in Austin, Texas

What I'm Looking Forward To...

In the previous Pre-Travel Post I highlighted what I was going to pack. How boring. Instead, here I highlight my reasoning for going to each city:

  • London - This marks my fifth time in Jolly Ole Londontown. I feel damn near local now. This time around, four nights of work, followed by a full day and night of exploration with some friends that live in London. I've partied with these lads before, I know I'm in for a treat! Great fun for sure! HugeParty Level: 8/10
  • Porto - By most accounts, Porto is the cool, alternative city in Portugal. Sign me up! Plus, the birthplace of Port Wine, with the many many wine tours. We will be spending our main weekend here, so I'm hoping for some great bars, surly wines, and awesome people! HugeParty Level: 9/10
  • Lisbon - The capital city of Portugal. From everything I've read, Lisbon boasts a litany of reasons to visit. Weather, beaches, city allure, nightclubs, great food, easy access. Since this is the mid-point of the trip, I'm hoping for some great food, a little bit of sun, and some relaxation. HugeParty Level: 6/10
  • Marrakech - Although most of my posts are about nightlife and events, the reasoning for Marrakech is purely cultural. I'm truly excited to haggle, hustle and experience the Medina, as well as the entire Moroccan culture. I'm not quite sure what the Muslim city will be featuring for the partying side of things, but I'll keep my ears open if there is a turn-up. HugeParty Level: ?/10
  • Paris - Admittedly, Paris has never been high on my list. In fact, I'm headed here because CDG Airport has a direct flight to Chicago, paid by my employer. But, we've got about 14 hours in Paris, enough time to let the city change my opinion of it, perhaps for a future trip. I mean, at the least, I'll get the obligatory Eiffel Tower picture. With so little time, and at the end of my trip, this may be a lost cause from a party perspective. HugeParty Level: 3/10

Level of Excitement

Extremely High. We have a great group traveling together, and this marks the my first foray into Africa. I realize Northern Africa is much different than the other areas, but I've always wanted to check out Morocco, so I'm definitely excited!

Plus, Portugal. Every time I talk to a traveler they consistently recommend Portugal. I'm prepared to confirm the amazingness, or dispute their claim.


Please, if you have any recommendations send them my way. Favorite bar? Tips on public transportation? "Authentic" Food to Avoid? We want to hear it!

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