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8 of The Best Drunk Food Options in Chicago!

No HugeParty is complete without late night food.

We've all been there. Drunk, hungry, our decision-making abilities severely impaired, the bars are closing and the only logical next step is to fill your stomach with greasy goodness.

Relying on Taco Bell and McDonald's for these cravings tends to be the easiest option, but I suggest that you can do better with your late-night caloric splurge. 

Note: My love affair with Taco Bell is still very strong, the list below does not suggest that I would cheat on Taco Bell, merely that we've agreed to see other people occasionally.

Below I've highlighted eight of the best options for late night food in Chicago. Enjoy reading, and remember... you have a culinary choice when the HugeParty is over.

1) Five Faces Ice Cream Shop (10 W. Division - Gold Coast)

There is nothing "Ice Cream Shop" about this late night, greasy food joint. File in line after leaving one of the many Rush & Division bars and be prepared to stuff your face on the adjacent sidewalk or taxi. With a menu a mile long, combined with the crowded lines, you'll likely be overwhelmed. At 4am, definitely worth the stress and wait. 

Order This: The cheese curds are the #1 item on the menu. Deep-fried, oozing with cheesy goodness and wrapped in tin-foil waiting for you to open it up like it was Christmas morning (stocking stuffer of ranch included). You also can't go wrong with the gyro-topped double cheeseburger. You're welcome.

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2) Bacci Pizzeria (950 W. Addison - Wrigleyville)

The Wrigleyville location is a must-stop after any Cubs game or late night out at any of the 40+ Wrigleyville bars.

Upon entering Bacci's you'll note the pizza slice/drink combo is WELL worth the $5. Why? Because the slices are gigantic. Ridiculously gigantic. Like, don't try to order two slices, because you won't be able to finish both.

Here's a Tip: Wrigleyville nightlife consists of plenty of young and drunk "bros", too often looking for trouble. Keep to yourself and enjoy a super-sized slice of greasy, cheesy pizza.

3) Mr. Greek Gyros (234 S. Halsted - Greektown)

I recently had the pleasure of late night gyros at Mr. Greek Gyros. Planted firmly in Greektown, this late-night option may be out of your way, unless you're partying in the Near West Side or West Loop hoods, but worth the extra cab ride. 

Regardless of its displacement from a prominent bar scene, the place had a steady line of customers, which is a sure sign for tasty, unhealthy food.

Order This: Gyro Plate. Fries, plenty of gyro meat, drink. More than enough to conquer your late-night craving.

4) Hollywood Grill (1601 W. North - Wicker Park)

This 24/7/365 diner sees a flurry of drunks and hipsters late at night, and for good reason. The menu at Hollywood Grill is nearly as long as Marcel Proust's A la recherche du temps perdu

Fun Fact: There is a free parking lot adjacent to the restaurant, but you shouldn't be drinking and driving. But if you are, there's free parking.

Order This: Anything off the griddle! Pancakes at 3am? What's not to love.

5) Cheesie's Pub & Grub (W. Belmont - Lakeview)

Note: This selection is taken from my previous blog post, "7 Delicious, Lesser-Known Chicago Restaurants"

Grilled Cheese. Outstanding beer selection. Open late night. It's pretty easy to see why Cheesie's is so popular. They don't overthink their sandwiches, use basic ingredients, and have an excellent craft beer list. Critics on Yelp will point out the basic ingredients as a flaw in the Cheesie's formula... those people are pretentious and clearly don't understand the concept of a grilled cheese.

Here's a Tip: Late at night, Cheesies is VERY VERY crowded, be prepared to wait for a while. 

6) Star Grill (1215 W. Devon - Edgewater)

If you've found yourself this far North, you're either a student at Loyola University Chicago or you've decided to go party with college kids at one of their two bars (Bar 63 or The Pumping Company "P-Cos").

There's also an off-chance that you've found yourself at one of Chicago's more popular Hookah Lounges as well (Samah Hookah Lounge). Conveniently located next door.

Either way, if you're up in Edgewater, I suggest Star Grill. Much like every, single, other, greasy, late-night restaurant... Star Grill has a diverse and tasty assortment of options to choose from.

Too far away from you? I'd recommend similar awesomeness at Windy City Gyros in Lakeview. 

Order This: Without a doubt, Star Grill has amazing cheese fries. I can't really explain why, but they're so delicious. Probably very healthy too.

7) La Pasadita (1136 N. Ashland - Ukrainian Village)

First off, I firmly believe that late-night tacos are the best option when it comes to drunk food. In support of my belief, Chicago has hundreds of late-night Mexican restaurants. 

I merely highlight La Pasadita on Ashland because of the convenience factor. Easy to find, easy to get a cab/uber afterwards (or Blue Line). But there are plenty of other Mexican restaurants, equally delicious after you shutdown the club.

Other Options: Taco & Burrito House in Lakeview, Tony's in Roscoe Village, Jaimito's in Lincoln Park, or Flash Taco in Bucktown.

Order This: Tacos, duh. Asada, Carnitas, Chorizo, Pollo... with fresh cilantro and onions, side of lime. 

8) The Wiener's Circle (2622 N. Clark St - Lakeview)

No Chicago late-night food list would be complete without Chicago-style hotdogs. I present, to those of you who are not familiar, with The Wiener's Circle

More than just a late-night grub spot, TWC is a destination for the drunk and disorderly...I do not recommend you go here if you have low self-esteem, or zero tolerance for antagonistic service.

Why? Simple. According to a fan site, TWC's signature food is only rivaled by the mutual verbal abuse between the employees and the customers during the late-weekend hours. 

Verbal abuse? Yes. Prepare to be insulted and yelled at by the people behind the counter. If you can't take the heat, stay away. Think you're clever enough to spar with the employees? Enjoy this video.

Order This: A hotdog with "The Works". Mustard, onions, relishdill pickle spears, tomato slices, sport peppers and a dash of celery salt. 

Order This? A chocolate milkshake. NSFW.

There you have it, it's not an exhaustive list, but it will certainly solve your hunger problems when HugePartying in Chicago.

Got another place you'd recommend? Tell me about it below.

Late Night Quote

“No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.”  ― Unattributed 

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  1. Taco Veloz, Chicago Ave, Ukrainian Village. Tacos, amazing carrot/garlic/jalapeno mixture waiting on your table to be paired with the perfect chip. Coronas and late night Mexican karaoke #winning

  2. I'm almost positive that Mr. Greek is closed. How long ago were you there?

  3. This is great - what a clever idea for a post :)


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