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Obligatory Pre-Travel Post #3: AsiaTrip 2015!

Obligatory Pre-Travel Post #3: AsiaTrip!

I've already written pretty extensively about Eurotrips here and here. Hell, I've also already done a Pre-Travel Post. With all that has been written, you're still getting another Pre-Travel Post. 

Why? Simple. This is my first foray into Asia!!!!!!

Enjoy the latest and greatest HugeParty Plan:


Follow HugeParty: AsiaTrip, as we meander through 5 cities in 15 Days... Specifically:

  1. Hong Kong (December 19 - 21)
  2. Macau (December 22)
  3. Singapore (December 23 - 26)
  4. Phuket (December 27 - 29) 
  5. Bangkok (December 30 - 31)
  6. Hong Kong (January 1 - 2)

Read more after the jump!!!

Transport: Many, many flights, 10 total. Long, long flights. Luckily, we booked so far in advance that our flights were relatively affordable. $1840 total. Pretty fantastic, actually. With that said, the flight from LA to Beijing is poised to be the longest I've ever sat in a plane. Fortunately it is overnight. I'd love to hear any recommendations you have for sleeping on flights, or passing the time.

Trip Mates: The main squeeze in my life, my Girlfriend, Michelle. This marks our second trip together as a couple, earlier this year we went to Montego Bay, Jamaica! She's a great travel buddy, always up for anything, from HugePartying, to sleeping in.

Additionally, Michelle used to live in Asia, so we're going to visit her Dad in Singapore around Christmas.  Over New Year's Eve in Bangkok we're going to meet up with our friend Lin, a friend from Chicago who is originally from Thailand! Always great to have locals show you their city!

What I'm Looking Forward To...

While I'm always looking for great recommendations, here's a quick recap of why each city is on the list:

  • Hong Kong - First stop, one of the most densely populated, and hugely urban cities in Asia! The energy level should be high to spend Saturday and Sunday Funday crushing Hong Kong to pieces. Craft Cocktail bars, cigar havens, foodie paradise, street eats, speakeasies, need I say more? Plus, I have co-workers that live in Hong Kong, so they're going to show us around as well. HugeParty Level: 8/10
  • Macau - Tuesday night in the Casino capital of the world, eat your heart out Las Vegas! I'm saving some extra money to gamble and sip some cocktails at the roulette table. Roughly 30 hours to get a little crazy? Sure, why not? HugeParty Level: 7/10
  • Singapore - Food, Food Stalls, Nightclubs. Plus, getting to see a city from Michelle's perspective (she went to high school there) should be awesome! HugeParty Level: 7/10
  • Phuket - The calm before the storm, hopefully. I hear Phuket has a phenomenal night life, and I'm willing to poke around. But I'm also eager to sit on the beach, visit Phi Phi Island, and hang out at the resort. HugeParty Level: 4/10
  • Bangkok - Seriously, New Year's Eve in Bangkok, with a local friend. The whole "One Night in Bangkok" saying is about to happen, on NYE! Pray for our livers. HugeParty Level: 11/10

Level of Excitement

Uncontrollable. I've never been to Asia, I'm going with an amazing person, the trip is affordable, the HugeParty has the potential to be epic! 


Please, if you have any recommendations send them my way. Favorite bar? Tips on public transportation? "Authentic" Food to Avoid? We want to hear it!

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