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5 Travel Blogs I'm Reading (Part 1)

There is no shortage of travel bloggers out there. Literally thousands. Many many of them have great stories and interesting perspectives. Some of which I have found myself coming back to over an over again, taking their travel advice seriously.

Regardless of your travel style, the following post series is dedicated to the travel bloggers who I keep on my radar. Perhaps you'll find their perspectives as interesting and useful as I do.

5 Travel Blogs I'm Reading (Part 1)

1) Traveling Ted (

Why do I Follow? Traveling Ted got me into the Travel Blog world and he's a friend of mine. For that reason, I follow his blog more than anyone else, but Ted also travels nearly every weekend so he's always updating his blog with great content. Plus, I love the work he's doing with GoPro equipment, very savvy.

Why Should You Follow? There's a couple great reasons to follow Ted. For one, he's being doing this for quite some time. Which means he's gone to plenty of places across the world, so he knows a thing or two about the places you may dream of visiting.

Secondly, he's very responsive and has built a strong community of followers. Ted's website feels like a place where you can get real advice and engage with a veteran traveler.

Ted is a leading purveyor of outdoor adventure. Hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, cross-country skiing... Ted does it all. And the best part, he's enjoying copious amounts of cheap beer and rice whiskey along the way.

Check out this article: Gatineau Loppet winter frostbite adventure.

2) The Working Mom's Travels (

Why do I Follow? While I'm definitely not a working Mom, I connect with Francesca's blog because it has a "work hard, play hard" mentality, all while finding the time to raise a family. Very impressive. Plus, she does a great job at documenting Chicago in her "Hometown Travel" series, and speaks to the core of #HugePartyTravel with "The Saucy Mom's Travels", a series of posts dedicated to drinking and adulting while still being a responsible parent. Cheers!

Why Should You Follow? The Working Mom (aka Chicago Local and The Saucy Mom) writes about wide variety of travel experiences. From National Parks and family day trips to sightseeting, drinking, eating... she documents it all. Something for everyone.

Francesca's blog stands out because of her amazing ability to balance all of the different aspects of her life, which is easy to relate to for most travelers. Even though I don't have a child to feed, I know it's definitely easier to relate to her blog, than the 20-something Aussie backpacker that quit his part-time job to travel the world.

Check out this article: Our 5 Favorite Things to do in Prague.

3) A Brit and a Southerner (

Why do I Follow? Chris and Heather Boothman take on the world one weekend at a time. Weekend travel has been my preferred style of travel due to my limited vacation days.

Why Should You Follow? For one, you likely don't have that many vacation days either, and this website talks about packing as much as you can into a weekend adventure. If you like fast-paced trips, their site is a great resource.

Also, Chris and Heather's site is clean and easy to navigate. It doesn't feel overwhelming and I think that is a big reason you will enjoy cruising through their adventures.

The final reason is their long list of adventures they've had across the world. From nearly every state in the US, to the laundry list of countries in Europe, the Brit/Southerner duo has seen a lot of this world.

Check out this article: Where to Find the Best Tapas in Barcelona.

4) Eff it, I'm on Holiday (

Why do I Follow? I love the name of the website. It reminds me of the reason I started my blog, in that there is an unapologetic swagger that says "this is how I'm going to travel, like it or not." Kudos to Vlad from Romania.

Why Should You Follow? First, Vlad is an expert when it comes to Romania, and it's always good to find an inside source for a country that isn't well known if you dream of traveling there. Please Note: I'm still trying to confirm if he is the Vlad from Romania you know very well.

Secondly, Vlad's blog is quickly emerging. It's new, and it's always great to read about the adventures of a new blogger and his or her adventures. Vlad's honest opinion and excitement for traveling comes through in his posts.

Upon perusing the site, you'll note a bevy of great photographs from past travels. Often times, on other sites, I find myself sifting through terrible shot after terrible shot (I'm probably guilty of this too). It seems like Vlad has carefully chosen pictures to help tell the story.

Check out this article: A Short and Sweet Stay in Riga.

5) The Food Travelist (

Why do I Follow? I love to eat while I travel. Duh. And with that, this site nails it when it comes to #FoodTravelChat.

Why Should You Follow? Sue and Diana understand your travel motivations. See food, eat food. The food experience in different cultures is arguably the best and most authentic way of experiencing local life, and The Food Travelist documents experiences around the world!

Around the world is an understatement. Chances are these ladies have been to a city/country you're going to, and they've dominated and documented the food scene for you.

Plus, their blog isn't all about Travel, it also talks about good wine, healthy living, and my personal favorite... Bars.

Join these ladies as they proudly proclaim... "It's a tasty world. Let's dish it up!"

Check out this article: The Fine Art of Tea.

Cheers to these amazing Travel Bloggers! Part 2 coming soon!

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